Personally, I believe there was a big change on software architecture around 2010. The field went on from extension of software engineering that addressed quality attributes to cover the whole quality properties of enterprise mainly impacted by Agile development and culture of DevOps after 2010. Since the last phase, software architecture grows towards distributed systems naturally as default. Operations get more “as-code”, so the elements in software architecture become more reconfigurable and dynamics. In some senses, there are new quality attributes to account for and become challenges to everyday software architects.

The fundamentals book extended architect’s story on top of engineering background as we can see in classic software architecture books like those written by BCK, TM, and RW, then come towards the whole systems in enterprises era, like story from Fairbanks and Hohpe. The RF book, I read recently in 2020, is also good. It has put wider views towards enterprise architecture field in which I worked for years.

Undoubtedly, O’reily software architecture conference has been best supporting to all software architecture progress for many years. In the past thirty years, software architect associations also abound; some are regional. Software architect career becomes high-demanded in business eneterprise and the field is growing and I hope to see more advances in the field. We should not forget to mention that the standard also get revised since IEEE-1471:2000 (see history here) to ISO 42010.

For references on the web, I will put more link to this docs page for my students to reference as time goes by.

Kritchalach T.

Sunday August 29, 2021 50:14:04